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Mandatory Rules

This Colonial Fair is being hosted for reenactors who demand the utmost authenticity. To facilitate total immersion, the following rules will be strictly enforced and are enacted to provide the most authentic experience for participants and visitors. Failure to comply with these rules may result in expulsion from the event.

General Rules:
1. By signing the accompanying application form, the participant agrees to abide by the rules set forth by Bledsoe’s Lick Historical Association.
2. Vehicles will not be allowed into the Fair Grounds between 9am and 3pm Friday, after 9pm Friday or prior to 3pm Sunday.
3. Minor Children are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. Children must be under constant supervision by the parent or guardian and will not be allowed to play around fires, tools or the Live Fire Demonstration Range at any time.
4. Pets are allowed, however, all dogs should fit into your persona and must be restrained on an 18th Century style leash and collar and under the control of the owner AT ALL TIMES.
5. No cameras will be used while attired in period clothing.
6. Firearms are allowed on the Fair grounds, but shall be unloaded at all times. Weapons will be inspected upon arrival and are subject to inspection by the Fair Master or his/her designee at any time. No demonstration or blank firing of firearms is permitted unless prior approval by the Fair Master or his/her designee has been gained.

Clothing, Camp and Appearance Rules:
1. Participants must remain in period clothing at all times from 9am Friday until 3pm Sunday.
2. While on the Fair Grounds, YOU ARE IN THE 18th CENTURY!! All items used and worn are to reflect this.
3. Your appearance, camp, accoutrements and goods, etc, will be inspected for authenticity by the Fair Master and/or his/her agents. The burden of proof shall be upon the bearer of a questionable item, therefore, the bearer should be prepared to provide documentation.
4. Only 18th Century eyewear is permissible. Contact lenses are allowed. Modern eyewear is prohibited.
5. Only 18th Century footwear is permissible, to include shoes, boots and moccasins.
6. Men’s Clothing - Must be typical 18th Century colonial apparel. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: calico shirts, long fringe western buckskins, mountain man clothing, western clothing and blanket capotes.
7. Women’s Clothing – Must be typical 18th Century colonial apparel. Gowns, petticoats, shifts, short gowns or bed jackets. A cap or kerchief should be worn to cover the hair. Jewelry should be appropriate to the 18th Century. Make-up should be conservative and not detract from the Colonial appearance. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: calico prints, off-the-shoulder shifts or bodices worn as outer garments.
8. Shelters accepted include simple lean-to’s, diamond fly’s, marquees, wedge and wall tents, and documentable Native American shelters. Civil War tents, teepees, Bakers, Walens, centerpoles and nylon tents are prohibited.
9. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited by Sumner County ordinance.
10. No cigarettes or brown cigar-like cigarettes are allowed at any time while in period clothing.

Live Fire Demonstration Rules:
1. Weapons shall only be loaded while within the physical boundaries of the Live Fire Demonstration Range.
2. The Range Master is responsible for the safe operation of the Live Fire Demonstration. All commands and instructions given by the Range Officer will be followed implicitly.
3. NO loaded weapons will be taken from the Live Fire Demonstration Range. Weapons are subject to inspection at any time by the Fair Master, Range Master and/or their designee.
4. Anyone wishing to participate in the Live Fire Demonstration shall supply a blanket prize in the amount of $20.

Merchant Rules:
1. Tables must be correct to the 18th Century or skirted to the ground.
2. All items sold at the Fair will be authentic to the 1750-1790 time period, excluding modern media (CD’s, books or magazines) that pertain explicitly with the above time period. No western or Plains Indian articles should be sold. The following items may NOT be sold: bamboo flutes, popguns, Archaeological artifacts, any item that represents post 1790, holiday items, mass-produced items (T-shirts, etc), furs of domestic animals, souvenir type items, photographs, pictures or stationary.
3. All goods may be inspected by the Fair Master or his/her designee at any time. Any item that is deemed to violate the above rule shall be removed.
4. No food or drink is to be served unless prior approval is gained from the Fair Master or his/her designee. Any food or drink that is served must be served in an 18th Century cup, mug, plate or other vessel.

Bledsoe's Fort Colonial Fair
P.O. Box 1316
Gallatin, TN 37060-13166
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